A new face spatial sanitizer made of chlorine dioxide solid formulation, by utilizing the new process method of air convection.

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What’s nanoclo2?

nanoclo2 is the brand name of spatial sterilization/deodorization products. It utilizes chlorine dioxide molecule power and it is manufactured by the newly innovated process method (patent applied for).

Product Features

*Able to use a special strap (sold separately)

[White] [Black] Reversible

Pairing with color of cloths, 2 ways of casual wearing

nanoclo2 Case in Type

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nanoclo2 Case in Type (Replacement pack)

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Product Features

Ecology oriented
Earth friendly non-wood “Palmyashikasa pulp”, one of smart papier product lines, is used. (※Palmyashikasa pulp is one of replacements of paper materials, wood pulp. Using this non-wood material can lead to forest resource saving.) Smart papier is a newly conceived material, which is a compound made up of used materials and paper.


Raw material will be re-used Carrying out of material recycle movement Reduction of wastes


Enables forest resource saving The volume of “wood pulp”, paper material can be reduced by the compounded material quantity.


Being able to express the own beauty of the raw material. Environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging material can be manufactured by utilizing original color and taste of raw material.

nanoclo2 Place Type 3WAY ECO Friendly

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