Case Study
<<No flu infection in the nursing home for the elderly has occurred>>


We present a case study of “nanoclo2” in Japan, this time.

In the past, we had taken several measures of flu prevention like usual practice of washing hands and gargling, of course, and further, by placing several air purifiers and humidifiers in the corridors and the dining rooms.
All the windows of each floor were closed because there were many residents having dementia. It was very difficult to prevent the infection spread once one infected patient was found, because the space of facility was tightly closed.

The number of flu patients has become zero in the facility from when we started using nanoclo2. If it is just one year result, you can say it is coincident, but we got the zero flu patient results for two consecutive years so all of our staff are confident about its effectiveness.

<Use of nanoclo2>

  1. From November through April, 6 months: nanoclo2 effective duration of 3 months x 2 rounds
    Note: The season of influenza infection in the facility is usually around February.
  2. The area nanoclo2 placed
    Dining room & common room: 7 rooms x 3 floors
    Staff room: 1 room x 3 floors
    All of resident rooms: one or two pieces each room x 3 floors
    Total number of used pieces for 3 months: About 100 x 2 rounds = about 200 for 6 months