Sanitation management that can be done on a daily basis

As a basic measure against infections, it is important to keep your surroundings clean and not to reduce your immune system. Our bodies use the immune system to protect against infections and cure symptoms against pathogens that cause infections. Taking a well-balanced diet, developing a basic fitness, and having a regular life are the basics of hygiene management. Because infection causes different pathogens and infection routes, preventive measures for each infection are different. I have listed some measures that can be taken daily, so please refer to hygiene management. To maintain immunity Let’s take enough sleep. Let’s take a balanced diet. Let’s do moderate exercise. Have a regular life as much as possible. Let’s sometimes relieve stress. To prevent infection of influenza and cold at the time of returning home Let’s try to wash hands and gargle. Let the ventilation of the room. The virus is stable at low temperatures and in a dry state. To adjust the humidity and temperature, let’s create a habitat difficult environment of the virus. Antivirus Immunization is an effective means of preventing infections. Vaccination, please go in consultation with a doctor (family doctor). The virus spreads by coughing and sneezing. Wear a mask to […]

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