Health Management in Overseas Travels

When traveling abroad or on a business trip, hygiene management for infectious diseases must be particularly careful. For this reason, Pathogens inhabiting different climates from Japan, The sanitary condition is different from that of Japan, Different meals and potable water, Stress due to unusual lifestyles or time difference I think it may be. In other countries, infectious diseases that are unlikely to occur in Japan may be prevalent. Before traveling, you must check the information about infectious diseases at your destination to take preventive measures. [Caution in the field]. Aquatic products are likely to be contaminated with pathogens and should not be taken. Ice in juices and other beverages is also dangerous. Avoid placing ice. Pay close attention to raw vegetables, such as salads, and seafood that are not firmly fired, as they are also likely to be contaminated with pathogens. Fruits, etc. are also necessary to be cautious because they may have been cooked with contaminated bags. Keep animals as inaccessible as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly if you touch an animal. Since there are many insects that carry infectious diseases, use insect repellent sprays, etc., and pay attention to insect bites. Be aware of sexually transmitted diseases, such […]

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