Treatment methods of influenza encephalopathy

It is said that it is necessary to start its treatment before the diagnosis is established, because influenza encephalopathy progresses very rapidly. In case of encephalopathy, it is the principle to hospitalize the patient because it need make it possible to quickly treat the patient according to symptom changes. And as to treatment methods, the support therapy is basically applied, which can keep the whole body situation by controlling respiratory and circulatory, in addition to that, the specific treatments like antivirus medicine and high dose administration of gamma-globulin are also to be adopted. If the expected result could not be achieved even by giving those therapies, special treatments such as brain hypothermia therapy and plasma exchange therapy would be used, but because their working examples are very few, as well as problems of the high cost and the side-effects, these special treatments are deemed as very limitedly applicable.

Regarding the prevention of influenza encephalopathy

Although influenza encephalopathy is a very serious disease, its effective method of prevention is not yet found out. So, even for now, the best prevention method for it is to prevent influenza infection itself. From the influenza vaccination, the effects of making it hard to get infected with influenza viruses are expected, as well as the ones preventing the symptom getting more serious. In another words, it can be said that influenza vaccination can lower the risk of influenza encephalopathy’s emerging.

When you get infected with influenza, visit a medical institution and get medication of anti-influenza drugs. It is very important to control the virus multiplication at the minimum level and to avoid symptom getting more serious by taking the drugs.