Why does influenza encephalopathy emerge?

Among the influenza encephalopathies, it is suspected that using aspirin is the factor that develops Reye encephalopathy. However, exact causes for the other influenza encephalopathies have not been identified. Anyway, since it emerges only when one suffers from infectious diseases by viruses like influenza, the best preventive measure of influenza encephalopathy is, most of all, to do the prevention to avoid catching flu.

The number of influenza encephalopathy patients reported during one season

For the season of 2017 ~2018, the reported patient number of influenza encephalopathy was 168 cases. 58% of it was under 10 years old. And the ratio of 5 years old under was 33% which was the smallest ratio for the last three seasons. Among elders over 60 years old, the influenza encephalopathy cases were also seen, accounting for 13% of all reported number.

Features of influenza encephalopathy

In many cases of influenza encephalopathy, the symptoms rapidly develop within several to 24 hours after the symptoms like high fever etc. of usual influenza. The major early symptoms are impaired consciousness, convulsions and abnormal behavior and speech. If these symptoms are seen, it is necessary to promptly take a medical examination at the medical institution. The early stage treatment is the most important because the progress speed of influenza encephalopathy is very fast. If treatment is given at the early stage, it is possible to make the symptom light. Considering the possibility of after-effects like disabilities and mental disorders, it is one of the features of influenza encephalopathy treatment to give rehabilitation program mainly from at the recovering stage.

See a doctor at once when you have this kind of symptom! Let’s understand the methods of treatment as well

Early detection and early treatment are the most important for influenza encephalopathy. Consult a medical institution at once when you have symptoms written below.

The initial symptom of influenza encephalopathy

  • Impaired consciousness

Be alerted, in case that apparent impaired consciousness is observed, as showing no reactions to the stimuli like calling, pinching cheek etc. If it is lightly impaired consciousness, maybe unnoticeable, but if you have the reason to think, even a little, “the consciousness is unclear”, we recommend you to visit a hospital.

  • Convulsions

When children of 6 months to 5 years old have a high fever they often go into convulsions. The features of convulsions as the initial symptoms of influenza encephalopathy are as follows.

  • Lasting for more than 15 minutes
  • Occurring repeatedly
  • Convulsions’ happening in the right and left asymmetry of the body

For example, in case that convulsions last for 20 to 30 minutes and/or they happen separately in the right and left of the body, you should suspect it as the symptom of influenza encephalopathy and get a check-up at the hospital.

  • Abnormal speech/behavior

Although sometimes abnormal behavior happens from having a fever, in case that it continuously or intermittently occurs for over one hour, suspect it as the initial symptom of encephalopathy. Actual behaviors are as follows.

  • Can’t recognize persons (can’t recognize one’s parents)
  • Can’t tell the difference between things (try to eat one’s own hand, mistaking for foods)
  • Appealing visual or other hallucinations
  • Speaking incomprehensible things, speaking inarticulately
  • Suddenly get scared, frightened, angry and etc.

These symptoms often appear right after convulsions, also in these cases, it is advised to promptly get a check-up at the hospital.