How do you get infected?

  • Droplet infections: Many infections are caused by sneezing or coughing.
  • contagious infection:Virus gets into mucous membranes such as the mouth and eyes and gets infected through the hand that touched the blister or touched the stool when changing diapers. It may also be infected by touching toys that have a virus attached.
    Even if the symptoms go away, the virus still gets excreted in the stool, which can be a source of infection for two to four weeks.

Point of preventive measures of hand foot and mouth disease

  • First of all, hand wash

    When hand-foot-and-mouth disease occurs in a childcare facility or kindergarten etc., group infections are likely to occur. There is no effective vaccine, so it’s important to have a habit of washing your hands well on a regular basis.

    Wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap, and share a common towel. You can expect further effects by using alcohol hand antiseptic after hand washing.

  • Moderate diaper changing

    After changing diapers, wash your hands thoroughly regardless of your child’s symptoms.

    It is possible that the virus may have been excreted in the stool for 2 to 4 weeks if symptoms have disappeared, or it may have been excreted without becoming ill even if the infection occurs.

    Please put the diaper after use in a container with a lid and do not forget to disinfect the storage place.