Is it all right not to go to hospital? Going to hospital, can infection occur more easily? Without going to hospital, doing treatment in one’s own way is NG.

When influenza is suspected, even the symptoms not being so severe, you had better visit a hospital. There are cases that it gets spontaneously cured by resting in bed at home, but it is very dangerous to make one’s own judgements. Even if it is thought not so severe, there are potentialities of increasing in severity afterwards, and also it may possibly lead to falling into a very grave status without noticing the development of some complications. And if the disease is not properly taken care of, as the result, there is also the high risk for infection spread at home, schools and offices. You must visit a hospital to protect your own health, of course, but also surrounding people’s health.

Need to see a doctor as well, in case you have some symptoms without any fever

When infected with influenza, from whatever reasons like one’s constitution, age, having or not vaccination, type of influenza and etc., some cases may not appear having any high fever. Because there is no relation between degree of fever and seriousness of disease, there are some cases of having only slight fever whereas viruses rapidly multiply. Especially in case of type B influenza, being infected but not having any high fever is seen very often and it is highly probable that viruses spread out without noticing. If you have a sense of fatigue, joint pain and other worrying symptoms, you had better see a doctor and get check-up.

Going to hospital will make people infected more easily?

As explained above, recently, many hospitals have thoroughly implemented measures to prevent healthcare-acquired infection. Patients suspected with infectious diseases are separated into fever illness departments, etc., and sanitation control is thoroughly conducted, like as setting air purifiers at everywhere inside hospital, preparing hand disinfectant liquid, clean control of devices and equipment for consultation and treatment. Let’s try your best yourself to do infection prevention, by wearing a mask, and washing hands and gargling when you come home.