Mold occurs comparative experiments

Can we visualize the Sterilization effect of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite! Chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite have been demonstrated to be effective in eradicating viruses and bacteria in tests conducted by various third-party specialists, In practice, it is difficult to visualize scenes that are eradicating viruses and bacteria, and many question their effectiveness as they “don’t know if they are working.” Therefore, we conducted a comparative study of the antifungal effects of fungi as an easy-to-understand experiment by visualizing the effect of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite on the eradication of fungi. “Antifungal power = all viruses, bacteria elimination power” cannot be said. However, the chemical reaction of chlorine molecules that inhibits the development and growth of new parental mold by oxidizing and degrading the spores of fungi produced by the parental fungi and by losing their potency is similar to the effect on viruses and bacteria. Refer to for very interesting results. To compare the incidence of fungi, the following conditions were used to observe the growth status of fungi: (a) those that did not take preventive measures against fungi; (b) chlorine dioxide (nanoclo2 mobile type); and (c) sodium hypochlorite (5ppm of premium dia). Installation requirement Installation space, […]

Case Study<<No flu infection in the nursing home for the elderly has occurred>>

In the past, we had taken several measures of flu prevention like usual practice of washing hands and gargling, of course, and further, by placing several air purifiers and humidifiers in the corridors and the dining rooms.
All the windows of each floor were closed because there were many residents having dementia. It was very difficult to prevent the infection spread once one infected patient was found, because the space of facility was tightly closed. […]

”Alert Level” continues in Japan; Flus terribly spreads

In Japan, when this new year begun, flu infection spread has peaked becoming a flu epidemic. Especially, elderly people and children need high alert. Amongst the yearly number of flu patients of ten million people, the number of fatal cases is only several hundreds, and the number of patients died including ones caused by complications like pneumonia etc. is estimated 10,000 people each year […]

News_Arab Health2019

At “Arab Health January 2019”, we will have a booth!

We are planning to set up a booth at the exhibition of “Arab Health”, which will be held in Dubai coming January.
We are now seeking overseas distributors for our epoch-making infection prevention products, Spatial Sanitizer “nanoclo2”. […]