Removal of Airborne Viruses and Bacteria
by the Force of Chlorine Dioxide Molecules
Innovative product for virus infection prevention,「nanoclo2」

Mechanism of sterilizing by chlorine dioxide molecules

Innovative sterilizing mechanism that makes the germs’ molecular structure change and their infectious capacity inactivated

Viruses, bacteria and mold consist mostly of proteins.
When the amino acid molecules composing proteins are decomposed by oxidization, structural change occurs in viruses and bacteria so that they lose the infectious capacity. We have noticed the oxidization decomposition power of chlorine dioxide molecule as the suitable chemical substance for this oxidative decomposition.

Chlorine dioxide(chemical formula:ClO₂)is unpaired electron structure having strong negative electrons, very unstable molecule.

ClO2 can easily combine with amino acid molecules, of which the protein of viruses, bacteria and mold is composed, and bring the oxidative decomposition occurrence.
Viruses, bacteria and mold are disinfected, when the molecule structure is changed by the oxidative decomposition with chlorine dioxide and the molecules are inactivated.

  1. Viruses, bacteria, mold and odors floating in the air
  1. ClO2 molecules aggressively attack floating materials
  1. Taking out electrons from targeted materials (oxidization)
  1. Function of viruses, bacteria, mold and odors falls off by the oxidization.

Utilizing the theory of ClO2 molecule’s instability and oxidative decomposition capacity, we have realized an epoch-making infectious prevention method, “Spatial Sanitization”, that can sanitize viruses and bacteria floating in the air around you.

Innovativeness of Spatial Sanitization

Because the spatial sanitization of chlorine dioxide gas acts as an oxidative decomposer directly on amino acids of viruses, the same equal effect is exercised not being affected by the type or kind of viruses.

  1. Effective to new type viruses as well
    Disinfection power is also effective to new type viruses whose vaccines have not yet been developed at the early stage of the epidemics.
  2. Effective to wide range of viruses, bacteria
    Since it is effective to proteins of which the viruses, whatever the kind of viruses, are consisted, it has efficacy to the wide range of viruses and bacteria

Power of sanitization

Chlorine dioxide is utilized in the wide range fields as virus disinfection substance

Chlorine dioxide is well recognized and utilized all over the world as strong disinfectant for industrial use, in the places like water purification plants, oil excavation and medical institutions etc.


”Safety” of Chlorine Dioxide Gas has been assured by the third party institutions.

WHO sets 0.1ppm of the safety standard of chlorine dioxide gas concentration as the one with no harm to human health.
In Japan, in order to secure higher safety, the stabilization of chlorine dioxide at the very low concentration, about one tenth of WHO standard(*1) was successfully realized.

An objective third party research institution conducted the test of disinfection efficacy at the low concentration range against viruses, bacteria and mold, we obtained the test result of “Effective” from them.

It tends to be misunderstood that chlorine dioxide is the same sort of chemical agent as chlorine, because the name of chlorine dioxide itself includes the word “chlorine”, but chlorine dioxide gas and chlorine gas are different agents, and the chlorine dioxide is an agent of non-chlorine type chemical agent.

  • (Estimates of chlorine dioxide gas safety by International Organizations etc.)
    American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists(ACGIH) sets the standards. Regarding Threshold Limit Value (TLV) of chemical agent concentration limit exposed to workers, it sets at 0.1ppm for a normal 8-hour time-weighted average concentration(TLV-TWA), at 0.3ppm for 15-minute exposed concentration limit(TLV-STEL).
    U.S.OSHA sets the standards of exposed limit at 0.1ppm for 8-hour time-weighted average concentration (PEL-TWA) as well, regarding inhalation limit of chlorine dioxide from the view point of occupational safety and health.
    WHO stated in the International Scientific Substances Simplified Estimate Paper that 0.1ppm of acceptable exposure concentration (8-hour time-weighted average) was obtained by estimations from available work place exposure data estimated (Great Britain), and from using the model of Estimation and Assessment of Substance Exposure(EASE). Although this estimated limit was obtained from very limited data, comparing to NOAEL, this concentration value is not to be concerned for irritation of the respiratory tract and the eyes of exposed workers.

”Spatial Sanitizer” Born advised by Doctors

The Innovativeness infection prevention goods with the new concept, “Spatial Sanitization”*2 never seen before, were born based on requests of doctors who worked at the forefront of virus infection diseases.

Our “Spatial Sanitizer” Bland, nanoclo2, is well accepted by doctors, health care workers, pharmacists and patients. We hold the distributing network which covers more than 90% of Japan’s medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies market, the accumulated sales has reached over 1.2 million pieces.

It is said that the estimated scale of the Japan’s potential domestic market for “virus infection prevention goods” is Yen 10 billion (≒ USD 91 million).

Overseas Sales Result

“Spatial Sanitizer” Brand, nanoclo2, has received demands from abroad. Our sales area has been expanding to 15 countries overseas.

“Spatial Sanitizer”, innovatively new concept of “virus infection prevention product”, has strong advantages in the overseas market where no competitive products exist, we are getting more and more inquiries about handling request from overseas distributors.

Currently, nonoclo2 is well favorably received in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

nanoclo2 Russia web site

nonoclo2 Kyrgyz web site

In year 2017, we started selling in Turkey, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine.
This year 2018, we have been preparing to start selling in Korea, Iran and Belarus. Our overseas business is steadily expanding.

We still need to have more distributors/partners in abroad in order to realize our mission. We are seeking partners who could share and realize our mission together.
We believe that the mission we can share will become a new meaningful business for your company.

  • about「Spatial Sanitization」

    (Concept of spatial sanitization)
    Conventionally chlorine dioxide has been utilized as industrial use for virus removal and sterilization in USA, Canada and Japan etc.
    We had noticed the efficacy that chlorine dioxide exercised in the air, after the research and development, and its patent was established. (Patent no. 3110724)
    Developing the product that can sterilize airborne viruses and bacteria only by placing, we have created the brand-new concept, “Spatial Sanitization”.

    (Merits of Spatial Sanitization)

    • Sanitization and deodorization that can be done the places like the corners of rooms and facilities where daily cleaning can’t reach.
    • Just hanging or placing, sanitization and deodorization is done.
    • The largest merit is the very important one, the role that it can prevent the spreading of pandemic when infection emerges.

Characteristics of nanoclo2


Realized remarkable cost performance!

For achieving an aim that anybody can easily use, we endeavored cost reduction by improving and reexamining the raw materials and specifications and have realized cheaper pricing and longer life.

Effective usage term is two months for the portable type and three months for the placed type from the opening of package.

We have realized the overwhelming cost performance among the similar products.

And also, comparing to influenza vaccination, you can enjoy an enormous cost reduction!

Portable (dangling from neck) Type Cost Performance Comparison
Monthly cost comparison of portable types
Cased-in Type
replacement pack
T Company O Company G Company K Company
Shape Card case type Card case type Pen type Card case type Clip type Aluminum type
Retail price suggested by manufacturer In Japan $8.33
Effective usage term 2 months 2 months 1 months 2 months 2 months 1 month
Monthly cost $4.17

※Calculate at exchange rate 1 US dollar = 114 yen, 1 euro = 128 yen

※ As of September 2018

Placed type cost performance comparison
Monthly cost comparison of placed type
place type Eco type
T Company K Company G Company
Chlorine dioxide generating agent Granule type Gel type Gel type Granule type
Usage 3WAY Place vertically Place vertically Place vertically
Retail price suggested by manufacturer In Japan $11.40
Effective area 20~26㎡
(6-8 tatami)
(8-12 tatami)
(6-8 tatami)
(6-10 tatami)
Effective usage term 3 month 2 months 1 months 3 months
Monthly cost $3.80

※Calculate at exchange rate 1 US dollar = 114 yen, 1 euro = 128 yen

※ As of September 2018


Earth environment friendly material used

Earth friendly non-wood “Palmyashikasa pulp” is used for the case material of placed type. A newly conceived material which is a compound made up of “used materials” and “paper”. Utilizing wastes as raw material contributes to the reuse and reduction of wastes, so called “Recycle”, and the saving of forest resources, paper material, so called “Reduce”.


Raw material will be re-used Carrying out of material recycle movement Reduction of wastes


Enables forest resource saving The volume of “wood pulp”, paper material can be reduced by the compounded material quantity.


Being able to express the own beauty of the raw material. Environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging material can be manufactured by utilizing original color and taste of raw material.

Simple, Convenient

Easy to use for anybody!

For both portable type and placed type, take out the sanitizer body from the aluminum pack then you can just use it. Only putting it on you or placing it near you can sterilize the space around you where viruses, bacteria and odors might float.


Simple is Best

From the concept bearing feels ”discreet”, “not embarrassed” and “not distractive” when you wear it, we designed it simple.

Our mission

Sunpartners Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who sells “Preventive Products” with which people can prepare for coping with the threats of influenza pandemics(*3) that we can’t know when and where they will happen. We aim to realize the life where people enjoy “safe”, “secured” and “comfortable” living space, by the means of establishing the custom of “Prevention”.

  • <Pandemics occurred in the past>
    • In 2003~2006 – A spate of avian influenza outbreaks across South East Asia , in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and etc. resulted in 256 people infected and 152 people dead.
    • MARS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), of which the first infected patient occurred at the beginning of year 2012, up to now caused 1,293 people infected and 456 people dead (180 people dead in Korea).
    • SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) occurred during November 2002 through July 2003 in 32 countries in the world, caused 8,096 people infected 774 people dead.

Every year, a large number of people lives have been lost due to the infectious diseases brought by various kinds of viruses in the world.

It is said that the number 1 cause of death for human beings is not wars nor natural disasters nor car accidents but virus infection.

In the era of globalization these days, viruses like new type influenza, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, MARS virus and etc. that are lethally dangerous and have enormous infectiousness, could swiftly sweep worldwide and make people’s life terrified.

Influenza, being especially easy to do mutation, has possibility of mutation by transmitting through birds or swine to become a new type influenza infectious to human.

We think it is not wrong if we say that we are in situation that threats of pandemic might happen anytime.


We aim to realize society that there is no death caused by virus infection.


We develop unique “preventive products” having features mentioned below:

  1. Having both “safety” and “sterilization power” at the high level
  2. Anybody can use easily and conveniently
  3. High cost performance

We want to realize society all over the world where people can live “safely”, “peacefully” and “comfortably”, by protecting from virus threats with the custom of “Prevention”.


News_Arab Health2019

At “Arab Health January 2019”, we will have a booth! We are planning to set up a booth at the exhibition of “Arab Health”, which will be held in Dubai coming January. We are now seeking overseas distributors for our epoch-making infection prevention products, Spatial Sanitizer “nanoclo2”. Our booth will be located at the Japan Pavilion of Hall 6. (Please see the details of the exhibition). Please drop by our booth. We would be very pleased to explain the products. Or, if interested, please use the contact us form of this site and give us any enquiry you have, we will respond to you as soon as possible. <Details of the Exhibition, Arab Health 2019> Exhibition address: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre Our booth position: H6.C56 in the Japan Pavilion located at Hall 6 Show timings: Monday 28 January ~ Wednesday 30 2019  10:00 – 18:00 Thursday 31 2019  10:00 – 17:00 Contact us page

Seeking partners (distributors) of Spatial Sanitizer “nanoclo2”, we join the Japan-UAE Economic Exchange Caravan visiting UAE cities!

During Saturday December 8 through Friday December 14, 2018, visiting Dubai, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, the Japan-UAE Economic Exchange Caravan will announce the advance notice of “Arab Health 2019” and meet with representatives of UAE companies. UAE has become very prosperous as cities of international trade and sightseeing, where a lot of visitors from overseas come and stay every year. Virus infection can easily spread via overseas visitors to all over the world. We consider the Middle East is the very important area, from the view point of prevention for pandemics that might occur caused by highly infectious influenza, highly fatal MERS Corona Virus and etc. We will devote ourselves to becoming able to serve for realizing safe and comfortable living space in the Middle East area, by providing with our epoch making infection prevention products born in Japan.